Does gold flatware fade?

Does Gold Flatware Fade?


    You'd love to have gold flatware at home but you're afraid it will fade? Don't worry: we got you covered! In this article, we'll see what makes gold flatware so special and what to do to avoid any fading.

    Gold flatware

    What makes gold flatware different from other flatware ?

    Gold flatware has that special shine that doesn't go unnoticed and brightens up even the simplest table decorations. it is quite different from other classic flatware because of the elegance it brings to a dinner but also because of the more meticulous manufacturing that it requires.

    There are several types of gold flatware :

    - Gold flatware made from gold is hard to find and extremely expensive. It is often a family heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation. Heavy and delicate, it requires special care and is not suitable for everyday use.

    - Gold plated flatware is also expensive but easier to find. It's often used for special occasions and needs to be regularly cleaned not as cutlery but as jewelry.

    - Finally, the more affordable gold flatware that is also more suitable for everyday use is stainless steel flatware with a gold coating. This is usually done by a ionization or electroplating process. It can be used for special occasions as well as for small everyday meals.

    gold flatware

    Does gold flatware fade ?

    Flatware made of real gold is the most delicate in terms of sturdiness, as gold is a soft metal: it can bend and break easily. Gold is not likely to oxides from water or air, as it is one of the least reactive chemical elements. The purer the gold, the less likely it is to fade because 24 karat gold cannot tarnish.

    But gold flatware is not made of pure gold: it is made of gold and metal alloys. Depending on the proportion of gold and other metals, you'll have to be careful when using it. Generally, with simple regular polishing and cleaning, the color will stay as shiny as the first day.

    However, gold flatware made of stainless steel with a gold coating is much more easy to care of throughout the life. His sturdiness is higher than real gold cutlery and stainless steel is also a metal made to be impervious to oxidation, so the main point you have to focus on is taking care of the gold coating.

    The gold coating can react to acids so make sure you clean your gold flatware after each use. Hand wash is the best way to prevent your gold flatware from fading. When correctly cared of, gold flatware does not fade and can easily maintain its appearance for an indefinite time.


    How to extend the life of your gold flatware ?

    The method for cleaning gold flatware and gold utensils requires caution in order to maintain its pristine quality.

    All abrasive polishes and harsh cloths should be avoided as they strip away areas of the gold surface that may develop fine scratches or pits during use. It is also best to avoid dishwasher cleaning: only hand cleaning will help you avoid accidental mechanical or chemical damage.

    For flatware made of real gold, you can also use a polishing cloth made for jewelry and add a solution made of hot water and lemon juice, rotating with a gentle motion to polish the flatware and wipe away stains. Don't forget to rinse and dry.

    For classic gold flatware made of stainless steel, hand wash is the most efficient way to keep your gold flatware like new. Dry it just after you cleaned it and avoid dishwasher with harsh detergent that could damage the shine and the smoothness of the gold coating.